Grant Cardone – Cardone University 2020

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You Will Get :
#1 – Onboarding Videos
#2 – Live Trainings
#3 – Q & A with Grant Cardone
#4 – Mastermind Coaching Call
#5 – 5 Steps to Your Best Year Ever
#6 – Sales Fundamentals
#7 – Understanding Buyer Psychology
#8 – The Perfect Sales System
#9 – Mastering The Close
#10 – Advanced Closing & Negotiating Strategies
#11 – Incoming Call Mastery
#12 – Professional Prospecting Strategies
#13 – Advanced Follow-Up Strategies
#14 – 64 Traits of Great Entrepreneurs
#15 – Internet Lead Response Strategies
#16 – Personal Finance and Wealth Creation
#17 – Mastering the Cold Call
#18 – Perfecting Customer Retention and Conversion
#19 – 100 Ways to Stay Motivated
#20 – Wealth Creation Formula
#21 – How To Get Started in Real Estate
#22 – How to Create Multiple Flows of Income
#23 – Secrets of the Wealthy
#24 – Money and Finance Training
#25 – How to Become a Millionaire
#26 – Negotiating and Closing Master Class
#27 – Be Obsessed Or Be Average
#28 – How to Become a Millionaire Now
#30 – How To Make Millions On The Phone
#31 – 10X Super Life
#32 – The 10X Rule Exclusive Reading + Commentary
#33 – 7 Top Sales Secrets
#34 – 100 Ways to Stay Motivated – AUDIO ONLY
#35 – Follow-Up, The Greatest Sales Secret

Your Trusted Resource

For over 35 years Grant Cardone has been providing business training and consulting to some of the largest organizations in the world. From new-hire training to expedite on-boarding, to certifications for continuous education as your company and sales team grows, Grant Cardone has the best online sales training available on the internet today.

What Our Clients Say

“Once we believed in the 10X culture through Grant and Cardone University, we realized this is something that Coffman media had to be fully engaged in. Thanks to the 10X culture, we saw a 44% sales lift from last year and this year we will be on track to hit triple digit growth.”
– Jason
“Thanks to Grant Cardone, I’ve gotten the right vehicle. I’m a real estate agent since 2012, where in my first full year of commissions I sold 7.8 million , 12 million second year, 16 million third year, and 22 million, with an average of $185,000 sale. This wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you!”
– Vince
“Through Grant Cardone and The 10X Rule Book, I really realized the only way to succeed is to take massive action and through that massive action, I was able to write a self-published book in two and a half days, started a Youtube channel, posting videos on growth every single week, all while taking a failing restaurant and launching it into one of the most successful restaurants in the brand.”
– Jeff & Josh
LIMITED - Special PROMO - ANY 6 - INSTANT DELIVERY - Products for 350$
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