Bryce McKinley – REI Results Academy – 2020

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Bryce McKinley – REI Results Academy – 2020

Bryce McKinley – REI Results Academy – 2020-1
Important Question for Real Estate Investors who STILL haven’t generated $10,000 or more in PROFIT with every deal…
If there was a predictable, step-by-step process to attract a steady stream of qualified real estate deals AND CLOSE 93% of those deals
(WITHOUT confusion, tech overwhelm, large cash investment, or the need for a Realtor license)…
  • Yes! I Want To Close 93% of MY Deals
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  • Would you finally feel confident enough to make your dreams of owning a real estate business a top priority?
  • Here’s why anything short of an enthusiastic “HECK YEAH!” head-nod is robbing you of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 5 years.
  • Every day, HUNDREDS of homeowners in your area – and THOUSANDS of homeowners across the nation are stuck in situations where they need to sell their home (or the home of a loved one).
  • The question is…
  • Do you know how to buy their house?
  • And more importantly, do you know how to buy their house and make a profit? Without spending a DIME of your money… or wasting thousands of dollars on a Realtor License?
Because here’s the deal, if you’ve ever “dabbled” in real estate but couldn’t ever close a deal…
Maybe you’ve made a few dollars profit but feel like you worked too hard and wasted too much time on one property…
Or maybe you want to expand your current real estate business by finding the deals yourself instead of paying outlandish “investor” fees…
Then keep reading….
Because what follows could easily be the LAST real estate training, coaching, or “guru” you’ll ever need.
You see, it’s easy to ‘get into’ real estate…. All you have to do is say you’re in real estate – and voila… you’re now a real estate investor…. Or flipper… or wholesaler.
But at the end of the day…
The only thing that matters is How Many Deals You CLOSE.
Now, let me be clear… making money with real estate is only easy when you have the right process – and follow a proven framework.
But it’s not a get rich quick scheme, or a make money overnight kind of deal. (Though you can see massive results with as little as 5 hours of work – more on that in a minute…)
Because let’s face it.. If it were that easy, then
❌ all the money you’ve spent,
❌and all the training you’ve had so far
would result in piles of cash and bank accounts so big you’d give Elon Musk a run for his money.
But I have a feeling that’s not where you are right now.
In fact, you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Or your significant other may be sitting there beside you saying “this is the last time… this works or you go find something else to do.”
If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, it’s time to
Start Making REAL Money – TODAY
But before I can share with you how to hit the ground running we need to have a serious talk about

The 5 Reasons You’re Still Stuck Following Old Guru Advice

The “guru” advice is missing large chunks of information unless you upgrade for a more expensive option. (<– this is how the gurus make their money).

You’re following old, outdated sales scripts that couldn’t close your moma even if she wanted you to buy her home.

The method they use isn’t scalable. So you plateau at 1 – 3 deals per month at best. (and hey, who wants a glass ceiling?)

Analysis Paralysis. The courses from ‘gurus’ are intentionally designed to appear complicated so they can justify their over inflated pricing.

You didn’t know there was a more effective, easier way to run a Real Estate Investing business. So you followed the only advice you had at the time (hey, we get it).
Thankfully, these reasons are easy to overcome with the right process and frameworks in place..

Hi, My name is Bryce McKinley

and I understand how frustrating it can be to get started in real estate. I know because I’ve been there.
  • When I first got started in Real Estate I hit all the stumbling blocks:
  • Procrastination and Lack of Focus… Yup!
  • Confusion with the process… For Sure.
  • Making excuse after excuse to justify why it wasn’t working… Unfortunately, hard yes!
  • ​Ripped off by real estate gurus (or as I prefer… screw-yous)… Got the T-shirt!
  • ​Worried I didn’t have the right credentials… Yes!
  • ​Not sure what to do, who to turn to, and how to move forward… Been there too!
What I didn’t struggle with was sales… Because I’ve been selling for nearly 20 years. A few years ago I was the #1 rated car salesperson – IN THE WORLD. Then, I moved into Real Estate and closed 25 – 30 deals a month… But I didn’t know the process BEHIND the sale. I didn’t understand what to do AFTER I closed the deal.
So I made all the errors in the book.
And here’s the really cool thing… even with all the mistakes I made – I still made money on 97% of my deals.
❌ Not because I followed some ‘hack’ from a guru….
❌ Not because I screwed a homeowner out of their home…
But because I learned the one thing every other expert won’t tell you.
💰The school of hard-knocks,
💰the trial and error,
💰the throwing-ideas-against-the-wall-to-see-what-sticks method WORKS.
But it costs time, money, and frustration.
The good news is –
Creating a sustainable, highly profitable Real Estate business
is easier than ever.
Because I’ve made the mistakes for you.
I spent upwards of $234,732 on trainings, seminars, gurus, and courses.
A I refined my process by buying and selling more than 6,347 homes in the last seven years.
Where I AVERAGED $18,421 profit per deal.
And the best part is, I trained others how to use my fool-proof system.
That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to my ground-breaking Real Estate Investing System…

with Bryce McKinley

The most comprehensive Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling system that puts money IN your bank account by giving you the exact steps you need to build a profitable wholesaling business – in three months or less.
I’ve spent the last 24 months working with other creative real estate entrepreneurs just like you – some of them who had never done a SINGLE DEAL before I worked with them –
to create this revolutionary, RESULTS-ORIENTED system.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re tired of dabbling in real estate, want to quit your 9-5 and live a financially free life.
  • You’ve never cleared more than $10K on any single real estate deal.
  • You want the ONLY step-by-step system that takes you from lead to money in your bank.
  • ​You want to cut out the ‘investor’ so you can find and close your own deals.
  • Because the reality is my first deal changed everything.
You see, I went from $32 in my bank account, sleeping in my car under a water tower – Just me and my son’. homeless and wondering where our next meal was going to come from. Bu, when I cashed my first $18,000 paycheck from a SINGLE real estate deal I knew I was on to something. That one deal changed my life. Because it sparked my imagination, my drive, my passion. And got me out of the unfortunate situation I found myself in. That’s EXACTLY what I show you how to do. With every deal.

And that’s not all you’ll learn. I’ll show you how to:

Create a systematic morning routine so you can win your morning and conquer your day. Improve your business while walking around the block Structure your business to protect your money and your family once the big money starts rolling in. ​Understand the make or break business metric you MUST track if you want to be successful. And that’s only the first week.
REI Results Academy is a self-paced, online course designed to take you from zero experience, zero deals to profitable in 3 months or less. Now, I know learning a new thing can feel like drinking from a fire hose…
So all of my videos are 10 minutes or less. And I broke them down into actionable items over the course of 10 weeks. Sure, you can watch all the videos in a weekend (there’s only 307 minutes of content, which is just over 5 hours) Or you can watch 1 module per week and implement what you learn. It doesn’t matter which way you consume the content…. You’ll learn exactly what you need to run the most profitable Real Estate Business.
Here’s how it all breaks down:
  • 10 Module Course
  • 53 videos (Mostly 10 minutes or less) so you can watch them on your lunch break or in between your current daily activities if you need to.
  • ​5+ hours of VALUE-packed, ACTIONABLE step-by-step process
  • Step-by-Step process to make – and close – your first deal in 1 month or less (even if you’ve never bought/sold a property before). It’s so easy anyone can do it.
  • ​Triple Ripple Follow up system. The absolute BEST follow up system to ensure you make the sale. This system is responsible for leads begging me to work with them.
  • ​3 PROVEN Postcard Designs and Swipes for Your Direct Mail Campaign. These postcards work. Simply fill in the blank and start mailing.
  • ​12 TOP SECRET documents that propel you YEARS ahead of any competition in the Real Estate market.
  • You’ll also get the 25 Keywords to discover EVERY lead in ANY area —
  • regardless of where you search/post (social media platform, newspaper, craigslist ad… etc)
Now you have the lead, you’ll also need to know how to price your offer to the seller (which is where you make all your money). So I’ve created the worksheets and calculators you need to secure the best price.
But that’s not all you need for the complete process.
Because once you’ve agreed on a price, you have to follow up with the paperwork. So I also include the only 6 legal documents you need to buy and sell your property.
Lastly, I include the EXACT process I use everyday to complete the deal.
Taking you from lead to money in the bank in 5 hours (or less)!
Plus these amazing bonuses to help
Dramatically increase your RESULTS.

The Closer Script Bundle
($12,000 Value)
✅ 5 step process for every conversation
✅ Phone and In-person Scripts for buyers and sellers
✅ 300 Motivated Seller Posts for Social Media
Every script you need to get the lead, buy and sell the property for maximum profit.
And these scripts don’t just work for wholesaling.
These scripts change the way you talk to everyone you meet.
Imagine gaining instant rapport with your wait staff the next time you take your family out for dinner.
Or get the super-star treatment the next time you have to visit the department of transportation.

Ultimate Software Bundle
($11,500 Value)

✅ CRM Software (1st year included)
✅ List of every software and service you’ll EVER need
✅ Wholesale Business Website Template
Too many new and hobby wholesalers get stuck on what software and technology to use.
I give you the list of software I use every day with my business.
And 1 year unlimited access to the CRM software I built specifically to manage your leads and deals.
PLUS for the first time ever, you’ll get the highest converting website template.
This allows you to 1-click install your website so you can begin to establish your credibility online.

Mindset and Organization Bundle
($1,000 Value)

✅ Personal Process, Daily Routines, Affirmations
✅ Weekly/Daily Organizer
Start you day off with power.
I give you the process I use to own the day. From the weekly and daily organizer to the affirmations I say every morning to get in the right headspace.
This bundle will keep you on the right track and focused on your goals.

The Social Accountability Bundle
($2,800 Value)

✅ Private REI Results Academy Facebook Group
✅ 1 Ticket to Private Mastermind Event
You, me, and hundreds of past and present students.
All with one goal in mind… to help each other gain massive success.
We share our wins, learn from each other’s lessons, and answer your questions.
When you add it all up, the real world value is $29,800….
But because I’m super excited to introduce you to the REI Results Family I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in the REI Results Academy TODAY at your special promo price of
Most Flexible
3 Monthly Payments of
Get Started
Best Value
One Payment of
Get Started
Plus you’ll be backed by…


That means I guarantee you’ll close your first deal with money in the bank within 90 days of starting the course or I’ll give you every penny back. 100%. No questions asked.
In fact, I’m so sure you’ll get results with the REI Results Academy I put RESULTS in the name. And if I can’t deliver on my promise to you I don’t deserve your money.
So you can invest in yourself and your future with confidence knowing this program will work for you.
Here’s why you need to
Enroll in REI Results Academy TODAY
Hundreds of homes are available in your market… RIGHT NOW.
And THOUSANDS across the country.
All it takes is
ONE DEAL to change your future.
One deal to the vacation you’ve been putting off…
One deal to eliminate the paycheck to paycheck grind…
One deal to boost your confidence so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.
Since my first deal I’ve dominated the market, and generated
MILLIONS of dollars in revenue for me and my family.
And you can too.
What will your first deal do for you?
The first step is to take action TODAY.
I want you to be the hero to those that need to sell their home.
I want you to connect with qualified buyers so you can cash in your payday.
And I want you to thank yourself for the decision you make TODAY to radically change your future.
Most Flexible
3 Monthly Payments of
Get Started
Best Value
One Payment of

Get Started

Still undecided?

  • You’re ready to make and close mind-blowing real estate deals with REI Results Academy if…
  • You’re just getting started with Real Estate
  • You’re tired of dabbling in Real Estate and want to make serious money
  • You’ve been trying to make a profit with Real Estate for months (or even years)
  • ​You already have a profitable Brokerage and want to increase your inventory
  • ​You have no problem investing a few hours a week
  • ​You care about what’s working NOW and how to use the latest technology to generate leads
  • ​You’re aware of all the profitable doors that will open
  • ​You’re excited to try the REI Results Academy program
  • ​You feel confident you’ll make your investment back knowing you have 90 days to test it out.
  • Did you catch yourself nodding your head?
  • Most Flexible
  • 3 Monthly Payments of
  • $550
  • Get Started
  • or
  • Best Value
  • One Payment of
  • $1499
  • Get Started

With the 90 Day Guarantee…

The only thing you have to risk right now is spending another second watching other people steal deals out from underneath you and living the life you are destined to live.

If you’re ready to wake up tomorrow and start

Generating HIGH QUALITY Motivated Leads without resorting to bandit signs or driving around neighborhoods and knocking on doors…

Kick the 9-to-5 life to the curb. As you build your side hustle (or full time business) during your “government mandated 15 minutes breaks”. With ACTIONABLE content in BITE-SIZE, easy to understand time blocks…

Skip the overwhelm and confusion by following a proven system that takes you all way through to your payday..
Then I can’t wait to meet you inside the REI Results Academy.
– Bryce
Choose the REI Results Academy Plan That’s Right For You
LIMITED - Special PROMO - ANY 6 - INSTANT DELIVERY - Products for 350$
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